Two off the Top

At Unpub 8 we met Kurt Miller, the writer and game reviewer for Two off the Top, and together we lost to the FAZA. While we only got two rounds into the game, he went out of his way to write about his experience.

Kurt Miller and Benjamin Farahmand Playing FAZA Kurt Miller and Benjamin Farahmand Playing FAZA

“After playing through two rounds, I had come to a couple of conclusions; namely, this game is hard (which I loved).”

“The difficulty and my blunders made me immediately want to play FAZA again. My mind was already racing with ideas and strategies.”

Kurt Miller, Two off the Top

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FAZA at Unpub8

We’ve been to several Unpub Mini’s, but Unpub8 was our first large Unpub. If you don’t already know, Unpub is a non-profit that brings together game designers and avid board gamers. The gamers playtest the designer’s games and give valued feedback to help the designers improve their games.

We decided to go as a vendor so we could hand out promotional materials, put up banners, and inform people of our upcoming kickstarter campaign. Our booth was right outside the main gaming area and my brother and I ran demo after demo. Met lots of excited and tired gamers looking to save the their city from the extraterrestrial FAZA. Check out this video montage of the entire weekend.

Now if you want to save the world from the FAZA, be sure to join the waitlist, so when the kickstarter goes live, you too can save the world! 😉

Upcoming Conventions and Events

We’re going to be at a few board game conventions and local events over the next few weeks. If you’re in the area, come by, say hello, and get a free button!

March 23, 24 and 25: we’ll be at Unpub 8 in Baltimore.

March 31st: we’ll be South Jersey Geek Fest.

April 6, 7, and 8: we’ll be at PAX East in Boston.

April 18: we’ll be at RedCap’s Corner for International Tabletop Day.

FAZA Button

This is the big box o’ buttons we just got in the mail. 🙂