We’re Not Alone

It was November 16, 1974 and the world’s largest radio telescope located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico was aimed at the center of the Hercules Globular Cluster, readied with its contribution to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: a message encoded with our location in the solar system, the structure of our DNA, the average size and the total number of humans on Earth, as well as an image of the telescope itself that sent out the Arecibo message.


This cosmic handshake from Earth to anyone out there was intercepted 200 light years away from our solar system, and its contents bearing information on a goldilocks planet sparked the attention of a spacefaring fleet belonging to the alien Faza, a telepathic species of insectoids, though still tribal in their nature, a civilization not entirely unlike our own. The warring factions within the Faza had consumed all their resources and ravaged their homeworld, forcing them farther into space to search for new systems and new worlds suitable for colonization.


Two years have passed since the Faza arrived with their motherships — the Carrier colonizing the world with drones, the Destroyer decimating the militaries, the Former fazaforming the land and atmosphere — making the most of the intel we had already given up, their message was clear as the Faza enslaved most of the human population to survive the worst of the invasion and make it alive through the alteration of the planet. The Faza were here for their newest colony, Earth.


But all is not lost, because once again, we’re not alone. A rebel Faza faction intent on fighting the Faza war machine has approached your band of survivors and, in exchange for peaceful coexistence if you defeat your shared enemy, armed you with the information on how to board and disarm the Faza motherships. It is time to make your last stand and take down those motherships!

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