FAZA Progress Report: May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Longpack Games sent us a sample copy to review. I’m currently going through it in detail to ensure everything looks good before we give the okay to move forward with producing all the games. Enjoy the pictures below showing the package, the game and all its pieces.

It arrived in an abundance of bubble wrap…

Opening the box, we’re greeted by a menacing FAZA alien…

The chipboard pieces are looking good!

Read through all the FAZA event cards, they also look good…

I’m so glad we unlocked the meeple stretch goal. They’re awesome!

I set up the game for good measure.

A couple more shots of those meeples, motherships, and board tiles…

And finally, here’s everything packed up and put back in the box.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,


Edit: Updated to include an image of the front and back of the box side by side below.

The above progress report was cross-posted on FAZA’s Kickstarter campaign.

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