Progress Report: January 2020

Since the last progress report, we have the following updates:

  • The graphic design work for the rulebook has been completed by Anthony. There’s a lot of work that’s gone into this and it shows. You’re welcome to download the rulebook here or click the image below. (FYI, the rulebook you’re downloading was compressed from 25 MB down to 6 MB, so image qualities were reduced to save space).
  • The manufacturing files for the cards (34 FAZA event cards, the 16 player cards, the 8 character cards) and the chipboard pieces (board tiles, mothership standees, mothership activation tracker, difficulty & reference tiles, mothership guide tiles) have been prepared for Longpack. 
  • We are in the process of completing the design for the back of the box.

The above progress report was cross-posted on FAZA’s Kickstarters campaign.

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