Progress Report: September 2019

Posting a brief progress report for September. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the items below.

  •  Kickstarter Reward Survey: We’re planning to use Kickstarter’s reward survey instead of a pledge manager. We’ll plan to send out a survey asking for addresses when we’re closer to fulfillment.
  •  Custom Meeples: We’ve added screen printed icons to the custom player meeples. These icons will ensure people experiencing colorblindness are able to distinguish between them. We also used a Chrome plugin to simulate various forms of colorblindness (Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia, Protanomaly, Deuteranomaly, Tritanomaly, Achromatopsia, and Achromatomaly) and learned the colors for the FAZA Drone (orange) and Rebel FAZA (purple) meeples are able to be distinguished from one another.
  •  Rulebook Graphics: The graphic design work for the 20 page rulebook is still in progress. When it’s done, we’ll make it available to download so you may review it.
  •  Stretch Goal Board Art: Scott Chantler has finished up the queue of work that was ahead of our work for FAZA and has started on the additional board art.
  •  Honorary Producers: Prototype copies of FAZA have been delivered to the honorary producers as part of their reward.

The above progress report was cross-posted on FAZA’s Kickstarter campaign.

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