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On September 29, 2018 my brother and I went to Boston Festival of Indie Games to showcase FAZA. The day was intense, it was non-stop demos from 9 to 5.

The booth we set up included an animatronic FAZA alien, dubbed Fonzie, which would do motion tracking. It would turn its head to look at people as they walked by and its arms would move up and down when people walked up to it.

Here’s a brief video condensing the entire day into 45 seconds.

Around 5:30 they closed down the tabletop booths and reorganized the space for the awards ceremony where they recognized both digital and tabletop games.

Since games come in all shapes and sizes, games were grouped and judged based on different categories. For tabletop games, the categories included: Best in Show, Audience Choice, Most Dynamic Game, Most Innovative Game, Best Hobby Game, Best Family Game, and Best Game in Progress. You can see the list of games garnering awards for each category on Boston FIG’s site.

Going into this, I didn’t expect FAZA would be recognized for any of these categories since there were so many great games accepted into the showcase. To have FAZA selected as the best hobby game of 2018 blew my mind. I’m immensely grateful to have all the hard work that’s gone into this game be recognized by the community.


What’s next for FAZA? Kickstarter coming in early 2019!

Thank you for reading the article and making your way here. We’re preparing for kickstarter and will be launching ours very soon. Send us your info and we’ll get in touch when it’s ready.

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