The Game

FAZA is a cooperative science fiction board game for 1-4 players navigating a post-apocalyptic city. In order to save your city from the FAZA, your extraterrestrial occupiers, your team will need to destroy their three motherships.

Your team is called Faction Zeta. At your disposal are eight characters, each possessing different skills within one of four areas of focus: tactical, medical, technological, and political. Faction Zeta will utilize the unique skills of each member to fight for final victory over the FAZA.

As you move across the board, you will be combatting enemy drones and recruiting Rebel FAZA to attack each mothership. Over the course of the game, the FAZA will be fighting back: dropping off more troops in attempts to overwhelm you, transforming the entire city to only be habitable to their kind, killing off the traitorous Rebel Faza to prevent you from attacking their motherships, and of course trying to kill you.



An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Story: FAZA is an apocalyptic science fiction story exploring how humans struggle and persevere together.

Focusing on Player Choice: FAZA requires you to make tough decisions and trade-offs. Your choices are designed to be both difficult and rewarding.

Replayability: The board is modular, the motherships adaptable, and the game difficulty is adjustable. With 8 characters to choose from, 16 tiles making up the board, 34 unique FAZA cards describing harmful and beneficial events, and 3 difficulty modes, no two games will ever be the same.

The FAZA Mothership Algorithm: The steps outlined on the FAZA mothership cards create a challenging game where the enemy intelligently adapts to your actions.

Communal Turn: The game is organized to allow everyone on your team to perform actions at any given time, playing in any order that is advantageous to your group’s strategy. Everyone feels like a tactician preparing for battle.

The Art: Aesthetic inspiration comes from places such as Fallout 1 and 2, the old and new Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Original Series. The art brings to life FAZA’s retro science fiction story and was illustrated by the award winning cartoonist Scott Chantler.

Diversity: The variety and diversity of characters represented in the game makes for the empowerment of different ethnicities, ages, sexes, and species.



Faction Zeta

Meet the cast of characters. In FAZA, players will have to make difficult choices, and one of these decisions is the role you’ll play on the team.


The soldier is always ready with her finger on the trigger. Sometimes a little too ready... getting off multiple rounds without the enemy a getting chance to strike.
Working as a taxi driver before the Faza showed up, the scout knows every neighborhood and has what it takes to quickly get around and avoid the enemy. He’s the driver every team needs to run large scale attacks.
The farmer is one of the best logistics and operations specialist a team could ask for. From years of running a farm and managing people, his skills were easily repurposed to this post-invasion world.
At heart, the engineer is a tinkerer. She’s always building new machines to help the group, and her focus on infrastructure will ensure the group’s long-term success against the Faza.
The doctor is a vital member of the group, keeping the team alive and healthy. Even though she’s a healer, she has a few tricks up her sleeve in case she gets backed into a corner.
The senator has been lucky, lucky to tag along with others. Oddly enough, his skills as a negotiator and legislator honed while serving in the Senate is proving to be useful in the battle against the Faza.
Rebel Faza
Having spent half his life in a Faza internment camp, this rebel used this time honing his telepathic abilities. He eventually overpowered his captors and set his fellow rebels free.
The scientist is a biologist and electronics specialist. Usually avoiding direct combat with the faza and relying on her teammates, her skills are crucial to thwarting the Faza’s battle plans.



FAZA Backstory:

We’re Not Alone

It was November 16, 1974 and the world’s largest radio telescope located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico was aimed at the center of the Hercules Globular Cluster, readied with its contribution to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: a message encoded with our location in the solar system, the structure of our DNA, the average size and the total number of humans on Earth, as well as an image of the telescope itself that sent out the Arecibo message.

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