FAZA is a tabletop retelling of the classic alien invasion story from the perspective of the last group of human survivors. This nail-biting cooperative game will push you and three of your friends to the limit as you work together over an hour and a half to defend your city, defeat the FAZA motherships, and save the world. Learn More About FAZA.

Press and Awards

“If you’re a fan of cooperatives you owe it to yourself to give FAZA a shot.”

“It’s an excellent cooperative game that manages to keep all the players engaged at once with its simultaneous play.”

A Pawn’s Perspective

“My gaming group and I agree- Faza is the best co-op game we’ve ever played.”

Alex Coulombe, Judge for the Big Box Challenge on The Game Crafter

Big Box Challenge FinalistBig Box Challenge Winner

Kickstarter coming in early 2019! Send us your info and we’ll get in touch when it’s ready.

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Grand Con 2018

We’re going to be at Grand Con​ from September 14 to 16! The amazing David Noller will be running the sessions. Come on over and learn to play this award winning indie game. Only 5 spots left, register here: https://tabletop.events/conventions/grandcon-gaming-convention/schedule#?query=FAZA

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