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We’re on the road to kickstarter and will be launching ours in late 2018. Send us your info and we’ll get in touch when it’s ready.


“If you’re a fan of cooperatives you owe it to yourself to give FAZA a shot.”

“It’s an excellent cooperative game that manages to keep all the players engaged at once with its simultaneous play.”

A Pawn’s Perspective

“My gaming group and I agree- Faza is the best co-op game we’ve ever played.”

Alex Coulombe, Judge for the Big Box Challenge on The Game Crafter



Big Box Challenge FinalistBig Box Challenge Winner

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We’ve been to several Unpub Mini’s, but Unpub8 was our first large Unpub. If you don’t already know, Unpub is a non-profit that brings together game designers and avid board gamers. The gamers playtest the designer’s games and give valued feedback to help the designers improve their games. We decided to go as a vendor so we could hand out promotional … Continue reading FAZA at Unpub8

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