The FAZA are here! Their deadly motherships are deploying Drones, hunting humans down, and changing the land into something… terrible!

Join Faction Zeta and save your city in this dynamic cooperative game. Move across the board with action cards, leverage special abilities and dice to combat enemy Drones, and recruit Faza Rebels to join the cause.

Will you succeed in destroying their three motherships, or is our city doomed and all hope lost?!

FAZA is a dynamic and nail-biting sci-fi cooperative game for 1 to 4 players lasting 90 to 120 minutes.

“It’s a game of almost endless variety. Again, I’m so excited. I’m so enthusiastic because I haven’t played a game with such flexible, yet intuitive, yet straightforward gameplay in quite a while.

FAZA is a truly remarkable achievement in cooperative game design.

Do give it a try, it is a truly remarkable game!”

Marco Arnaudo

“I really like and enjoy Faza. I liked it when I got to play a small demo at UnPub 8 and I enjoyed it even more when I had it on my table. If you like cooperative games, Faza includes some interesting takes on the genre … I would consider Faza to be a touch more intricate than contemporaries Pandemic and Flash Point: Fire Rescue.”

Kurt Miller from Two off the Top

“This game is not easy and it ratchets up in tension quickly … It reminds me of Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert, but it has a relentless nature to it – kind of like playing Eldritch Horror. And it is a tense game. But somehow the ‘Mars Attacks’ theme that’s put on top of it keeps it kind of buoyant, keeps it kind of fun.”

Glenn Flaherty, Boardgames and Bourbon

“FAZA, it reminds me a lot of Pandemic … makes me think of Mars Attacks … it’s fun, I really like it … the artwork and theme of the game make it more approachable than Pandemic … I really like the theme.”

“I think this might be a big hit.”

Ric White and Ryan Gutowski of One Board Family

“If you’re a fan of cooperatives you owe it to yourself to give FAZA a shot.”

“It’s an excellent cooperative game that manages to keep all the players engaged at once with its simultaneous play.”

A Pawn’s Perspective

“My gaming group and I agree- Faza is the best co-op game we’ve ever played.”

Alex Coulombe, Judge for the Big Box Challenge on The Game Crafter

An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Story: FAZA is an apocalyptic science fiction story exploring how humans struggle and persevere together.

Focusing on Player Choice: FAZA requires you to make tough decisions and trade-offs. Your choices are designed to be both difficult and rewarding.

Replayability: The board is modular, the motherships adaptable, and the game difficulty is adjustable. With 8 characters to choose from, 16 tiles making up the board, 34 unique FAZA cards describing harmful and beneficial events, and 3 difficulty modes, no two games will ever be the same.

The FAZA Mothership Algorithm: The steps outlined on the FAZA mothership cards create a challenging game where the enemy intelligently adapts to your actions.

Communal Turn: The game is organized to allow everyone on your team to perform actions at any given time, playing in any order that is advantageous to your group’s strategy. Everyone feels like a tactician preparing for battle.

The Art: Aesthetic inspiration comes from places such as Fallout 1 and 2, the old and new Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Original Series. The art brings to life FAZA’s retro science fiction story and was illustrated by the award winning cartoonist Scott Chantler.

Diversity: The variety and diversity of characters represented in the game makes for the empowerment of different ethnicities, ages, sexes, and species.

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When you’re ready to watch tutorial videos and to download the rulebook, head on over here to learn how to play.

FAZA is available to buy here for $35 plus shipping.

If you have any questions, please do reach out.

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