FAZA Card Variants: Mitigating the Randomness

We’ve received feedback about the swingy nature of the FAZA Cards, so in discussion with FAZA’s community, we’ve come up with a solution that could help address these concerns. This topic was initially explored on this specific thread within FAZA’s BGG Forum.

After trying out the different options mentioned in the forum, we’ve come to recommend the following change to the game because of its simplicity in solving the design problem.

Draw 2 FAZA Cards, Choose 1:

During mothership combat, instead of drawing 1 FAZA card, draw 2 then choose 1 to play. Then, take the unpicked FAZA card and place it back on the top of the FAZA card deck.

After making this adjustment to the game, you’ll notice the game will be a little easier. This is okay. Once you have a feel for the game, you can always up the difficulty.

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