Pandemic & Postcards

The pandemic has been a difficult time on many small businesses across the country and ours is no exception. The lack of in-person board game conventions to demo FAZA to early adopters and potential customers has been especially hard hitting.

We’ve been feeling stuck, so over the past week we’ve decided to try something new and old fashioned. We’re sending postcards to board game stores across the country.

We scoured the internet for retailers, their contact info and addresses. We designed a postcard, printed shipping labels, and purchased over two hundred stamps.

They’re now in the mail and on the way to retailers. As different stores start carrying FAZA they’ll start appearing in FAZA’s retail locator. So if you’re interested in getting a copy of FAZA, please consider buying from one of your local retailers. And if your local game store doesn’t carry FAZA, do let them know that you would like them to carry it! 🙂

Depending on how these postcards are received, we’ll then move on to step two: calling each store to see if they’re interested in carrying FAZA. Once we call different board game stores we’ll write another blog post about the experience.

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