Christopher Paul Reviews FAZA

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A gamer that prefers thematic games like Mansions of Madness, Pandemic: Legacy, Eclipse, and Fleet Captains, Christopher played FAZA four times with a variety of different people before sitting down to write his review. The game piqued his interest due to its replay-ability and brevity. He goes on to say:

One thing that I want to make sure I impress upon the reader is the amount of variety provided in what appears to be a small package. It looks like it has the same amount of content as both Pandemic or Forbidden Island, but that is deceptive – it has more.

– Christopher Paul

You can check out his entire review here on BGG.

David Dixon Reviews FAZA

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A gaming omnivore and father of two, David played FAZA with his kids. He gave FAZA an 8 out of 10 for himself and his kids rated the game a 10 out of 10!

“The game is so much fun, and has something to offer for everyone, that I keep getting requests for it.”

“If you enjoy cooperative games at all or like the feeling of being backed up against the wall that has more personality and fun than a virus (or if viruses ravaging the planet seems just a little too real these days), you ought to go out and grab a copy of FAZA. You won’t be disappointed.”

– David Dixon

You can check out his entire review here on BGG.

Erik Miller Reviews FAZA

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Erik was sent a copy of FAZA to review, and some of his top games include Star Wars: Armada, Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror, and Scythe. His core gaming group consists of him and his wife. He enjoyed playing the game and also had useful suggestions to help improve the game.

“Faza is a fun game to play- My wife and I could play it in about 30ish minutes, counting setup/teardown, as 2-4 characters. It was enjoyable, and the components are really nice.”

– Erik Miller

You can check out his entire review here on BGG.

One Stop Co-op Shop Reviews FAZA

Mike from the One Stop Co-Op Shop reviews FAZA.

His final thoughts on the game mention that FAZA’s cooperative play is excellent and that the design of the game includes a lot of tactical play. He also recommends the game for family gamers, casual gamers, and beer and pretzel gamers that enjoy some degree of luck in their play.

The Cooperative Play is Excellent ... A Nice Design with A lot of Tactical Play, Mike from the One Stop Co-Op Shop

You can check out his full review in the video below.

The 411 on FAZA

The 411 is Jamie Jamison’s collection of board game reviews where he offers his opinion on a solo game in around 4 minutes or so. In his review he goes on to conclude:

“I enjoyed my time with FAZA battling aliens, and I don’t normally seek out spaced theme games. There is a lot of strategy and fun to be found in this box.”

Jamie Jamison

You can check out Jamie’s full review on BoardGameGeek.