Q&A with FAZA’s Game Designer

In late October The Cardboard Republic and I corresponded over email and did an in-depth Q&A.

We covered a range of topics from my gateway game to coming up with the name FAZA and the freestyle turn structure to what I would be doing in the event of an apocalyptic extraterrestrial invasion. You can learn about all those things and more here: https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/interviews/the-orange-menace-a-faza-qa

If you want to chat about any of the topics discussed in the Q&A or pose any additional questions, feel free to post it below or in the following BoardGameGeek post.

Marco Arnaudo Reviews FAZA

We have been ecstatic with FAZA’s reception amongst the board game community. See what Marco had to say:

“It’s a game of almost endless variety. Again, I’m so excited. I’m so enthusiastic because I haven’t played a game with such flexible, yet intuitive, yet straightforward gameplay in quite a while.

FAZA is a truly remarkable achievement in cooperative game design.

Do give it a try, it is a truly remarkable game!”

Marco Arnaudo

You can check out the entire review below.

FAZA Progress Report: October 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all staying healthy and are able to cope with these difficult and challenging times. This is going to be a longer update than usual and will cover a few different topics. If you have any questions about the items below, please post a comment.


  •  Fulfillment: As of today, most games have been delivered. Some international packages are still in transit. I’m also tracking down a few people that haven’t submitted their addresses. If this is you, please fill out the Kickstarter survey I sent a few months ago. If you can’t find it, contact me directly.
  •  International Delays due to COVID: I’ve been watching the postal tracking codes for several countries and I noticed some packages are taking significantly longer than expected (i.e. Sweden, Italy, Australia specifically). I learned from the postal sites for these different countries that there is a significant amount of congestion for international mail because they’re directing mail through a single facility. Please visit your country’s postal website to read more about postal changes due to COVID. 
  •  Have you not yet received your game? Please contact me!


  •  Questions & Clarifications: I’ve received several questions about certain rules. I’m actively checking and answering questions on FAZA’s BoardGameGeek Forum. If you have a question or if something is unclear, please do check the forum or ask a new question so others can learn from your post.


  •  FAZA Card Feedback: I’ve received feedback about the swingy nature of the FAZA Cards and have come up with a few solutions you can implement as house rules to mitigate the randomness. I describe the modifications in this BGG post.
  •  Rulebook Feedback: I’ve received some feedback about the rulebook having a few unclear spots. I’ll be working to fix this in a digital copy that you can download via FAZA’s website. I’ll make another post about it once it’s available to download.
  •  Do you have feedback or suggestions to improve the game? This can be anything, small or large, please share it with me. I would encourage you to post it to the forum so others can chime in with ideas and can build on top of it. If it’s something that can be addressed with a house rule, we can introduce a new variant of the game to make FAZA a better experience for everyone. If addressing the feedback requires a more substantial change, I’ll work to fix it in a second print run.

Marketing – Your Ideas Wanted:

  •  Do you have marketing ideas or advice? If there’s something you think I should do to help build awareness for FAZA, please do share it.
  •  Current Challenges: My plan pre-COVID was to attend conventions, but they’re canceled until further notice. Therefore I’m not able to put FAZA in front of hundreds of people that are usually in the headspace to try a new game…
  •  Current Marketing Strategy: I’m working on reaching out to reviewers that are interested in covering FAZA. I’m then planning to share their reviews on social media. 

FAZA’s Website:

  •  PayPal Integration: I’ve created a simple PayPal button for FAZA’s website to start accepting payments so people can buy the game. Once an order is received, my parents will then package the game and put it in the mail.

Thank you,


The above progress report was cross-posted from FAZA’s Kickstarter campaign.

FAZA Progress Report: September 2020

Hi Everyone,

We’re in the home stretch! The shipment of games arrived yesterday afternoon from Longpack Games. Over the next two weeks we’re going to mail you your reward. 

My parents have volunteered their garage and house to be taken over to store and distribute the games. 

They’ve transformed their dining room table into a mini-distribution center.

Longpack covered each game with shrink wrap and we’re also wrapping them with paper to provide additional protection.

We’re then stuffing the priority mail boxes with more paper. This will prevent the game from bouncing around within the priority mail box.

As the games are sent out, you’ll be receiving an email with a tracking number. Please keep an eye out for that email.

Do let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,


P.S. It’s been a long road and I’m infinitely thankful that each and every one of you have been supportive throughout this entire process. I’m feeling exhilarated to have made it this far and I’m looking forward to seeing FAZA out in the world.

The above progress report was cross-posted from FAZA’s Kickstarter campaign.

FAZA Progress Report: August 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. We have good news, Longpack Games has completed manufacturing FAZA faster than their estimated time.

Currently, we’re awaiting confirmation from the logistics company for news about the games being loaded on to the boat and the boat leaving the port of Shanghai.

I’m also planning to send out a survey this week to collect addresses, so please keep an eye out for that. 

Thank you,


The above progress report was cross-posted on FAZA’s Kickstarter campaign.

FAZA Progress Report: July 2020

Hi Everyone!

We received the mass production sample from LongPack Games. Everything is looking great! We’ve given LongPack the okay to begin mass production. They said on average it can take between 2 to 3 months to complete mass production.

I put together an unboxing video so you all can share in the joy and excitement of opening up the game for the first time. I also go through and quickly set up the game so you can see all the game pieces in their proper place.

Do let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,


The above progress report was cross-posted on FAZA’s Kickstarter Campaign.