FAZA is a finalist in the Big Box Challenge from The Game Crafter

The Big Box Challenge started out with 55 board game submissions, and then the list was whittled down to 20 via a community voting process. Now, the list of games has been further refined to 7, and FAZA is one of them! You can read more about the seven finalists here and also see the scoring sheet provided by the judge Alex Coulombe.

If you start diving into the scoring sheet, you’ll notice that Alex gave FAZA a total score of 42 out of 45. This score is then broken down into three categories: Rules/Mechanics (18 out of 20), Art/Style (15 out of 15), Marketing/Hype (9 out of 10). He then highlights some of the qualities that stood out to him:

“Great cooperative premise and graphics. Like how the play area is laid out, though looks like there’s room for improvement in hierarchy of information. Really glad there’s considerations for ‘if this is your first time playing.’ Rules are super well documented and the examples are helpful. Thrilled to see info for both ‘here’s what to do on your first game’ and ‘here’s how to make the game harder.’ Also nice touch with the considerations made for color blindness.”


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